Personal Reflection








1. Reflection of concerns, fears, impact, feelings, etc., from two different perspectives.

2. Includes discussion of social distancing and finances (if comfortable).

Diversity and Demographics
1. Summarizes current information on the diversity of clients (eg, gender, socioeconomic status, age, ethnicity) and their outcomes.
2. Reasons for disparities are introduced and explained.

Media and Social Media
1. Summarizes the role of the media during this time.
2. Compares and contrasts the mainstream media versus social media. Includes discussion of governmental v. non-governmental information.
3. Reflects on their own potential implicit biases.

Reopening of the States
1. Discusses hopes and concerns regarding reopening.
2. Supports thoughts with current information.
3. Reflects on those things that may always be different now.

Importance of Global Health
1. Addresses why global health is important.
2. Reflects on how their views have changed during the pandemic.




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