1. The metal skeleton artists use to support clay sculptures is called a/an
A. casting.
B. armature.
C. maquette.
D. scaffold.

2. The vigorous brushstrokes and emotion-laden imagery in the paintings of Anselm Kiefer are reminiscent
of the paintings of
A. Realism.
B. Neoclassicism.
C. Expressionism.
D. Superrealism.

3. Which one of the following statements is not true about the Hagia Sophia in Constantinople?
A. It was originally built in the eighth century.
B. It was a church that was transformed into a mosque.
C. It was built by Justinian.
D. It was influenced by Roman architecture.

4. What artistic development is characterized by the use of bright colors, elaborate compositions,
exaggerated forms, and dramatic movement?
A. Mannerism
B. Modernism
C. Rococo
D. Baroque

5. Mary Cassatt was part of what art movement?
A. Impressionism
B. Realism
C. Feminism
D. Expressionism

6. Unlike Christian architecture, Hindu religious architecture is
A. not so much constructed as carved.
B. generally unembellished and austere.
C. accessible only to men.
D. very scarce, although very well preserved.

7. Which one of the following artists created Fallingwater?
A. Richard Rogers
B. Robert Venturi
C. James Wines
D. Frank Lloyd Wright

8. Which one of the following buildings is an example of French Gothic architecture?
A. Crystal Palace
B. Notre Dame Cathedral
C. The Parthenon
D. The Seagram Building

9. Another name for serigraphy is
A. etching.
B. wood engraving.
C. metal printmaking.
D. silkscreen printing.

10. Western art culture was founded on and inspired by _______ art.
A. French
B. Greek
C. Neolithic
D. Paleolithic

11. In drawing and painting, the term chiaroscuro refers to the use of
A. complementary colors.
B. two vanishing points.
C. dramatic contrasts between light and dark.
D. forceful contrasting colors.

12. Which Renaissance artist created the dome of the Florence Cathedral?
A. Filippo Brunelleschi
B. Lorenzo Ghiberti
C. Andrea Mantegna
D. Donatello

13. This artist was influenced by African masks.
A. Vincent van Gogh
B. Edvard Munch
C. Pablo Picasso
D. Édouard Manet

14. The French photographer _______ was fascinated by airplanes and fast cars.
A. Marc Lacroix
B. Albert Levy
C. Louis Legrand
D. Jacques-Henri Lartigue

15. During what year did the first signs of the Renaissance appear in Italy?
A. 1300
B. 1400
C. 1485
D. 1570

16. Color-Field Painting was associated with what artist?
A. Willem de Kooning
B. Jackson Pollock
C. Franz Kline
D. Mark Rothko

17. Which one of the following artists was associated with Impressionism?
A. William Turner
B. Paul Cezanne
C. Claude Monet
D. Paul Gauguin

18. What group promotes the rights of women artists?
A. Abstract Expressionists
B. Postmodernists
C. National Endowment of the Arts
D. Guerrilla Girls

19. Michelangelo was _______ years old when he carved the Pieta.
A. 81
B. 30
C. 23
D. 57

20. ________ shapes are representational shapes that have been simplified.
A. Abstract
B. Nonrepresentational
C. Geometric
D. Organic

21. Which of the following men designed Monticello?
A. Frank Lloyd Wright
B. James Wines
C. Thomas Jefferson
D. Robert Venturi

22. Which one of the following artists founded the Hudson River School of painting?
A. John Constable
B. J. M. W. Turner
C. Thomas Cole
D. Albert Bierstadt

23. Which one of the following divisions of the applied and decorative arts is used to produce primarily
functional items?
A. Fiber
B. Ceramics
C. Glass
D. Metalwork

24. In 325 A.D., Constantine the Great made a declaration that caused a significant change in the daily life
of many Romans. What was the declaration?
A. Gladitorial games would be reinstated.
B. Travel was possible anywhere within the Empire.
C. Aristocratic privileges would be abolished.
D. Christianity was made the official state religion.

25. Marcel Duchamp, Andy Warhol, and Leonardo da Vinci all created different versions of
A. Sacrifice of Isaac.
B. Creation.
C. Woman in Black.
D. Mona Lisa.

26. _______ was the most famous practitioner of Classicism.
A. Rembrandt
B. Caspar David Friedrich
C. Nicolas Poussin
D. Eugène Delacroix

27. Byzantine art is a combination of Christian symbolism and _______ style.
A. Egyptian
B. French
C. Roman
D. Greek

28. A/An _______ must understand both art and engineering.
A. industrial designer
B. interior designer
C. graphic designer
D. environmental designer

29. In architecture, a covered walkway is called a/an
A. arcade.
B. pergola.
C. corridor.
D. mall.

30. A flat, two-dimensional background that projects into a relatively shallow three-dimensional space is
called _______ sculpture.
A. relief
B. free-standing
C. kinetic
D. earth

31. _______ suffered a terrible injury as a teenager and spent the rest of her life in pain.
A. Mary Cassatt
B. Rosa Bonheur
C. Frida Kahlo
D. Angelica Kauffmann

32. The greatest Italian painter, and one of the most influential artists of the entire Baroque period of the
seventeenth century, was
A. Gianlorenzo Bernini.
B. Michelangelo de Merisi, called Caravaggio.
C. Domenikos Thetokopoulos, known as El Greco.
D. Artemisia Genteleschi.

33. Which one of the following artists was censored because of the subject matter of his or her
A. Faith Ringgold
B. Jeff Koons
C. Bruce Nauman
D. Robert Mapplethorpe

34. _______ began his career as an illustrator, but later became a political cartoonist.
A. Marc Chagall
B. Jean-François Millet
C. Gustave Courbet
D. Honoré Daumier

35. Action Painting was associated with what artist?
A. Jackson Pollock
B. Salvador Dali
C. Frank Stella
D. Henri Matisse

36. In _______ printmaking, only one print is made.
A. proof
B. aquatint
C. lithograph
D. monotype

37. Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo were artists from the _______ period.
A. Romanesque
B. Renaissance
C. Baroque
D. Medieval

38. This artist represents the purist method of Impressionism.
A. Claude Monet
B. Édouard Manet
C. Vincent van Gogh
D. Pierre-Auguste Renoir

39. Impressionism began in what time period and in what country?
A. Seventeenth-century France
B. Eighteenth-century England
C. Nineteenth-century France
D. Nineteenth-century England

40. _______ has the most stained glass windows.
A. France
B. America
End of exam
C. Italy
D. England


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