Pharmacy Practice Article Reflection Paper

Pharmacy Practice Article Reflection Paper.

Pharmacy Practice Article Reflection Paper

Read a pharmacy career-related article or commentary, and write a reflection describing the role and responsibilities of the pharmacists or leadership/management or communication technology or informatics.

Examples of pharmacy career articles can be found following these links:…


The reflection requirement is as follow:

Write a 150-word reflection that addresses at least one or more of the Learning Objectives (BLOs) MENTIONED ABOVE

The reflections should include the topic, article name, source, link, author(s) if applicable, and date.

In your reflection, please include the following: (1) a summary of the article (the main points/concepts) in a few sentences, (2) what is/are the take-home messages, and (3) why did you pick this article and how it relates to you or how you are going to apply the knowledge you learned.

Pharmacy Practice Article Reflection Paper

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