Phasevidual 2 GROUP Pro/ Individual Counseling

Phasevidual 2 GROUP Pro/ Individual Counseling.


4-6 pages


As a group, write a hypothetical dialogue between the counselor and one of the clients with PTSD demonstrating the communication skills addressed in the individual portions.  Your group presentation should include the individual projects from the group members and the role playing dialogue of 4-5 pages. It should incorporate a minimum of two positive communication styles, and should also incorporate one type of communication to which the client is not receptive. It should be demonstrated how the counselor recognizes the client is not receptive, and address how the counselor would adapt the strategy in response.

The communication between the client and counselor should be realistic and express non-verbal cues as well. The non-verbal descriptions can be expressed in italics with each person’s dialogue. References and citations should be in APA format.

Phasevidual 2 GROUP Pro/ Individual Counseling

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