Physician Assistant Paper

Physician Assistant Paper.

Physician Assistant Paper

You are currently employed by a group of family practice physicians. This practice includes physician assistants who routinely provide care to patients. Your duties include signing patients in as they arrive for their appointments and gathering their demographic and insurance information. When Mrs. Smith sits down in your office to provide her information, she states that she has a question about the doctor’s “assistants.” You respond that you will be more than happy to answer her questions or direct her to someone who can. Mrs. Smith asks the following questions.

Based on the information you have read about physician assistants, answer the following questions.

1. Are the physician assistants qualified to take care of me? Explain why or why not.

2. Who decides what job duties the physician assistant will be able to perform?

3. Are physician assistants licensed? Provide details.

4. How are physician assistants different from registered nurses? Provide details.

Physician Assistant Paper

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