Power Point By 10 am 12/06/2019

Power Point By 10 am 12/06/2019.

Slide 1: Title Slide

Slides 2-3: Order of Presentation and Introduction/Statement of Problem

Slides 4, 5, and 6: Literature Review 

Slide 7: Methodology

Slides 8 – 10: Hypotheses and  Results 

Slide 11: Discussion Conclusion

Slide 12: Thank You’s/ References (used in presentation only) 

Research Question: Is there a relationship between Serious psychological distress and Health insurance coverage.

Null Hypothesis: There is no relationship between Health insurance coverage and Serious psychological distress. 

Alternative Hypothesis: African Americans are less likely to receive health coverage even when expiring psychological distress.

Basic undergrad Research based power point, I will upload my research paper 10 – 12 slides I ned done asap please and thank you!!!

Power Point By 10 am 12/06/2019

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