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LISTENING & SPEAKING PPT PRESENTATION Due Date: Thurs., Dec. 10, 2020 by 9:00 pm Format: PowerPoint Presentation Point Value: 100 points (this will be calculated as part of your final exam grade) Scenario: You are a student in the United States and ready to apply for college admissions. Bear in mind that you will be living in the city where the university is located. 1. Choose a major 2. Decide what college/university you would like to attend a. Where is it located? (It MUST be outside of the state of Florida.) b. Why do you want to study at this institution? 3. In which school will study (school of law, school of medicine, school of engineering, school of education, school of liberal arts, school of business, etc.) 4. What are some required courses in your major? 5. What are the employment opportunities? Name them. 6. Is a graduate degree needed? Masters? Doctorate? (In some instances, a graduate degree is not required. However, if you are studying to be a lawyer, you have to earn a bachelor’s degree and later go to law school. The same applies for medicine: a bachelor’s degree must be completed and later medical school.) 7. Salary range? Presentation Parameters • Minimum 7 slides • You should add pictures, not too much text • If you want to add a video or voice over, it is optional Evaluation: What I will be analyzing and evaluating: • Content • Grammar and mechanics • Organization of presentation

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