Project Management




Read and compare WEEK 3 and WEEK4 articles to answer the following questions.
What two examples will you use to discuss the conceptul separation between fact and essence?
Talk about your own conception of the terms as will.
Why do you compared/ contracsted the two examples together?
Situate your examples and the authors/designers/architects in their broader historical contexts: think about where, when societal norm, polities of the writing; what new customs or modes of thought were emerging and perhaps, at the expense of some other customs and modes of thought.

Structure of this assignment:
First paragraph
1. intro: argument + objects(e,g: I am A and B to argue)
2. main point of the 1st + 2nd object
3. evidence
4. conclusion
Second paragraph
1. reiterate the main point of the 2nd object
2. evidence of the second object
3. conclusion




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