Psychology Learning Disability Diagnosis Discussion

Psychology Learning Disability Diagnosis Discussion.

Psychology Learning Disability Diagnosis Discussion

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The actual writing: Please write a 4-5 page paper (see format details below) that describes the main ideas of the article. Be sure you include a section that describes what you learned that you did not know, what surprised you, and how this article connects or relates to some aspect of your life or that of someone you know. You can use hypothetical situations (e.g., if I had no toes…).

Format for assignment paper must be typed neatly and contain no misspelled words, typos, or grammatical errors. Assignments must be double-spaced (no extra spaces/lines between paragraphs) using 1″ margins, use New Times Roman font (12 cpi). Number the pages on the top right please. Start on Page 1 – no need for a title page. Be sure your name, date, and the title of the assignment are on your work. If your assignment is shorter than 4 entire pages, it is too short, and points will be deducted).

Psychology Learning Disability Diagnosis Discussion

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