Psychology Topic Effort Heuristic Experiment

Psychology Topic Effort Heuristic Experiment.

Topic: Effort Heuristic Experiment
Paper details:

In this assignment you are to replication a effort heuristic experiment but not exactly.
Its Experiment 2 showing the paintings. Attached file.

It falls under cognitive psychology
Model is system 1 and system 2 – Thinking and decision making 
Please look at all files attached carefully.
Experiment should be preformed with 2 conditions A and B
one condition is painting one- is 4 hours and other painting is 18 hours. a little description given on each painting.
other condition would be the reverse of condition one- that is we´ll say 4 hours painting is now 18 hours and 18 hours one is now 4 hours in the experiment.
Experiment would be done online. As quiz. condition A, B
sampling method for the condition might be convenience. Not for the study though
20 participants, school fellows.
Painting used will be the same as the original experiment. Big abstract, 12 lines

Introduction – the aim of investigation is stated and its relevance is explained. the theory, model upon which the investigation is based is described and linked to the investigation. The independent and depend variables are stated, operationalized null hypothesis , research hypothesis.

Exploration – the research design is explained, smiling technique is explained, choice of participant is explained, controlled variables explained. choice of materials explained.

Analysis -Descriptive and inferential statistics are accurately applied, the graph is correctly presented and addresses the hypothesis. the statistics findings are interpreted with regard to the data and linked to the hypothesis

Evaluation – The findings are discussed with reference to the background theory/model.
strengths limitations of the design, sample and procedure are stated and explained and relevant to the experiment.
Modifications are explicitly linked and Fully justified.

Please look attached “info” and other files too.
Example attached “false memory” but its not good one.

In the reference Please add links where its Retrieved from. 
Use simple websites, easily accessed…. eg: Journals book are hard to find.

Between 1800- 2200 words

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Psychology Topic Effort Heuristic Experiment

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