Quote from The Hate you give  (249) “Cut the bullshit, Hailey. You unfollowed me. Months ago. Why?”

Quote from The Hate you give:  (249) “Cut the bullshit, Hailey. You unfollowed me. Months ago. Why?”  She doesn’t say anything.

I swallow. “Is it because of the Emmett Till picture?”  “Oh my God,” she says, standing up. “Here we go again. I am not gonna stay here and let you accuse me of something, Starr—” “You don’t text me anymore,” I say. “You freaked out about that picture.”  “Do you hear her?” Hailey says to Maya. “Once again, calling me racist.” “I’m not calling you anything. I’m asking a question and giving you examples.”

“You’re insinuating!”

Question: What theme is evident?  Draw a connection to another scene.  Analyze what is being shown in this quote. 

What does it demonstrate about a character or situation? Elaborate on what comment is being made about the theme. 

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