Research presentation of the artist called takashi murakami

Your presentation will focus on the work of a Los Angeles-based artist (from the overview in class on Tuesday). 

Ultimately, your presentation should provide a general overview of the artist’s life and practice, connecting them to other artworks we may have studied or to their larger set of concerns. Within this, it will nearly always be most effective to highlight 3-4 works from their career that exemplify something notable about the artist’s work and interests or concerns. You’ll want to consider the materials; the cultural, political, historical, and aesthetic context of the work; the major interests of the artist and how those interests are presented, visually. 

FOR NOW, what I am looking for is for you to dive into a handful of artists from the overview on Tuesday and, from that preliminary search, describe who you think you’d like to focus on and, importantly, why? What about the artist appeals to you? What themes or materials are you interested in learning more about?  This should be thoughtful and reflect your best effort (at this very early stage) to identify something you’d like to learn more about and share with the class.

In the post, include at least one image that represents artwork by this artist that interests you. 


Second Proposal 

This is a more well-honed and more fully articulated version of the initial proposal. It will also contain a preliminary outline of the presentation itself. The goal of this is to get you thinking about sorting the information you’ve gathered and analysis you’ve done into an organized presentation. How will you start? What topics will you cover? What images will best convey those topics and interests? The outline need not be excessively detailed, but should give a clear sense of how you are envisioning the presentation. 

Please make a PowerPoint as well

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