Research Scenario


The research methods course instructor asked the class to demonstrate their knowledge by compiling the
sections from each of the weeks, one through six, and discussing the main idea(s) for each section. They had
to address each section using the information from the course text and course resources. They were also
asked to explore the topic of first generation college students and resilience at a four-year university. Some
sections required that learners consider both methodologies, quantitative and qualitative. Some learners had
their assignments returned because some or all of their sections contained errors.
Review this assignment, submitted by a fictitious course learner.
Research Scenario Assignment [DOCX].
Indicate what went wrong by selecting the correct response from the drop-down menu. In the text box, provide
a brief narrative of 3–4 sentences that evaluates the learner’s response and provide a rationale for your
correction. If you decide that the statement is correct, state why you agree with their approach.
Competencies Measured
By successfully completing this assignment, you will demonstrate your proficiency in the following course
competencies and assignment criteria:
Competency 1: Analyze the methodology used in scientific research.
Evaluate the qualitative research approach for the scenario provided.
Evaluate the quantitative research approach for the scenario provided.
Competency 2: Evaluate the characteristics, purposes, benefits, strengths, and weaknesses of research
Evaluate the literature review for the scenario provided.
Evaluate theory for the scenario provided.
Evaluate the introduction for the scenario provided.
Evaluate the purpose statement for the scenario provided.
Competency 3: Evaluate ethical issues in research studies.
Evaluate the ethical considerations for the scenario provided

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