Risk communication

Scenario (The Issue): A recent societal trend towards healthier food and drink options has turned attention towards the sugar present in soft and popular drinks. Recently, health organisations in many states including the ACT have been pushing to ban the sale of sugary drinks in healthcare facilities, such as hospitals. Last week, you were asked to identify an organisation that would be interested in the issue, and complete the worksheet based on that organisation. The questions in this worksheet ask you to refer to an organisation again. You can choose the same organisation, or a different one, to complete this week’s activities. Write the organisations name below: Answer the following questions: 1. Actions such as banning sugary drinks for sale can be criticised as removing personal freedoms and creating a ‘nanny state’ which are regulating personal choices. Is the soft drink in healthcare settings really about risk, or personal choices? What position would your nominated organisation take? Explain below. 2. When communicating about issues, one of the ‘seven cardinal rules’ of risk communication is to coordinate and collaborate with other credible sources. For your nominated organisation, identify at least one person/organisation which could act as a credible source in this issue. Explain why you have chosen that source. 3. Use trust determination theory to explain how the organisation should communicate about this issue.

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