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Read and understand the selected learning objectives in the Lind et al. (2021) textbook. Attached is screenshots of the chapters givem.

Chapter 5: LO5-1 Terms, LO5-4 Conditional Probability

Chapter 6: LO6-1 Probability Distribution; LO6-2 Continuous Random Variable; LO6-4 Binomial Probability

Chapter 5

Some statistical terms can be confusing because they have one definition for statisticians and another for non-statisticians.

5A. Discuss how the four (4) statistical definitions of “probability,” “experiment,” “outcome,” and “event” differ from the way most people use these terms in everyday life. 

A golfer has nine (9) golf shirts in his closet. Suppose five (5) of these shirts are white, and the others are black. He randomly grabs a shirt each day and puts it on. He plays golf two days in a row and does not return the used shirts to the closet. Calculate the conditional probability that both shirts he selected are white? Refer to the example in the textbook.

5B. What is the likelihood both shirts selected are white?

Chapter 6

6A. Describe the characteristics of a probability distribution.

6B. Describe the primary difference between a Discrete and Continuous Random variable.

6C. Explain the four requirements of a Binomial Probability distribution.

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