Stewart, Smith, and Denton (SSD)



) Stewart, Smith, and Denton (SSD) indicate the following “question” is a valuable way to examine the totality of a social movement: “Which persons, conceiving themselves to be what ‘People” in what environment, use what networks and what adaptive strategies with what evolutionary results.” Why is this a useful approach, and which element of this question do you believe is most important in understanding a social movement?
2) Stewart, Smith, and Denton (SSD) write: ‘a coactive rhetoric may produce at best a rhetorical stalemate between institutional and uninstitutional forces that leaves institutions with their powers diminished or shared but intact.” Explain bow and why a social movement must overcome this ‘stalemate.’
3) In your text, Robert Francesconi writes: “Rhetoric bridges the gap between legitimacy as claimed and legitimacy as believed:’ Explain this quote.


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