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There are TWO tasks that you would need to do( they are separate): 

Task 1:

Product Idea and Search Engines/Electronic Marketing. 

After reviewing the assigned reading materials, complete the following activities:

1.  You will develop a product service idea.

      A. Describe the product/service including the benefits of using the product/service

      B. Discuss the potential customers for this product/service

2.  Based on the nature of the product/service, recommend at least 3 possible ways to market the product electronically. Your suggestions must include at least one search engine. Describe your recommendations and discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each.


Write a reply to the two responses in the attached document ( Response 1 and Response 2) with 150 words for each. 

There should be no plagiarism. Attach a plagiarism report with 0 % similarity index. 

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