The BMW car company


Write as a CEO of BMW car company
Explain your overall assessment of the company regarding its financial ratios. Congratulate or criticize the CEO for doing better than or worse than the industry average OR past performance OR past averages. Use examples – be precise.
EPS Earnings Per Share
Stock Price
ROE Return on Equity
Give judgment about the company’s results, using strategic analysis tools from only three chapters (one tool per chapter). Again, — be complimentary AND critical.
Ch. 1 business model, evolving/dynamic strategy (deliberate, emergent)
Ch. 2 mission/vision, balanced scorecard (strategic AND financial objectives), strategy hierarchy
Ch. 3 macro environment, five forces (buyers, substitutes, new entrants, suppliers, rivalry)
Ch. 4 value chain costs, strengths assessment
Ch. 5 strategy genres
Ch. 6 offensive moves, timing (late v. early), integration (backward, forward), alliances/M&A
Ch. 7 international posture (global, multi-domestic, trans national), international methods (export, license, franchise, subsid, partnerships/M&A)
Ch. 8 related v. unrelated diversification, weighted comparisons
Ch. 9 business case for ethics (avoid costs: visible, admin, invisible)
Ch. 10 hiring/training, policies, procedures, IS, rewards, culture
Close with a concluding reflection about what you learned while studying the company — and what you predict for the future of the company.




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