The early writings of colonial Americans




The early writings of colonial Americans reflect the concept of an American
identity that they created when they came to a
new land and formed a new country. From
analyses and interpretations of their writings
and from research, discuss what Benjamin
Franklin, Thomas Paine, and Thomas
Jefferson communicate about the new
American identity that colonists created in this
new country, which is reflected in its
government and culture. Be specific to the
readings in the textbook, and provide
examples from those readings.
Works Cited).
1) The researched literary analysis must follow classic essay structure: the introduction with thesis, the body,
the conclusion, and Works Cited page. The body of the essay must support the thesis by using information and
examples from the assigned readings and must include additional, documented information.
2) The essay must flow in this order: introduction, historical background, first author, second author, third
author, and conclusion. The Works Cited should be the last page.
3) You must use a total of five sources for the research paper. You must include documented information from
five secondary credible sources. It is preferred that all of these sources come from CPCC’s library databases.
Every source on your Works Cited page must be mentioned in the essay. All quotations/paraphrases from your
sources must be documented in accordance with MLA standards. The documentation must include
introductory phrases, in-text citations, and a Works Cited page.
4) You must write formally and in third-person point of view only. That means, you cannot use the words: “I, me,
we, us, our, you, your,” etc. Also, you should avoid contractions, slang, and all informal language




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