The Right Childcare

The Right Childcare.




For this week’s application assignment, conduct an interview with a parent/caregiver discussing the following
How did you go about finding a care facility in your area?
What were the top five concerns you had for the best care?
Based on your interview, create a 2 page APA formatted summary discussing the following items:
Who did you interview? How did you find this interviewee? Where did/how did you conduct the interview?
How were your interviewee’s concerns similar or different from those included in the course text? Provide 3
specific examples (use in-text citations).
Evaluate your interviewee’s method for selecting a childcare facility. Do you feel it was effective? Use specific
references to the course material to justify your response.
Based on the chapter readings and your interview, what do you believe to be the single-most important factor
to consider when selecting a child care facility? Support your response with specific references to the text or




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The Right Childcare

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