Thread 1 & 2 (170 words each)

Thread 1

You have just finished his lesson on solving inequalities and handed students a worksheet to complete silently. While the students were working independently, you decided to check your email, not realizing that your computer screen was still being projected to the class.  You open an email from the principal Mrs. Russell, who is asking all teachers to keep an eye out for new student Rebecca Johnsons, who has recently transitioned from male to female. You realized what had occurred once you heard the students giggling at the screen. You quickly unplugged his computer from the projector and told the students to get back to work.  What should you do next to protect the student’s privacy? Include evidence from Model Code of Ethics for Educators and Professional Dispositions of Learners. 

Thread 2

 As an educator, what are some ways you might integrate strong values and ethics into your content-area lessons to help support students’ character development that not only support your spiritual beliefs but also those of your students? Provide at least two specific ideas for activities. 

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