Topic Leisure culture(freetime) and compare and contrast both insider and outsider perspectives

Context: Clash! explores various cultural issues through the perspective of that of the objective outsider. Outsiders may be thought of as people like social scientists, journalists, missionaries, etc. who stand at the outside of a culture and look in. On the other hand, some of our readings offer us the perspective of insiders, natives to that culture like Joe Bageant. Joe Bageant, in his essay on the hunting culture of the Appalachians, gives us an insider’s perspective on his culture. So that we might gain a better understanding of the complexity of culture , Essay 3 invites you to examine a culture from both points of view, from that of the outsider and the insider.

Assignment: Identify a culture or perhaps some cultural phenomena, then compare and contrast both insider and outsider perspectives, discussions, and explanations of that culture or cultural phenomena; in addition to comparing outsider and insider perspective you will also engage in a cause-and-effect analysis of that culture or some of its practices.

Your outsider-perspective analysis must include the theories, concepts, and studies present in Clash!. In addition to the theories presented in Clash!, you may include other theories discovered through your own research. But make sure that your essay makes use of the concepts from Clash!, concepts such as the culture cycle, dependence/interdependence, and any other areas of cultural analysis explored in Clash! that are relevant to your essay.

In addition to the outsider perspective found in Clash! and other academic sources you find relevant, your essay must use an insider source. An insider source is the product of a native or natives of that culture. Novels, poetry, music, movies, visual and/or digital arts, interviews, academic work from natives to that culture, as well as other sources may serve as insider perspectives.

Academic discourse often favors the outside expert’s point of view. For example, if you were to explore female genital mutilation, you would likely hear many voices from outsiders, most of whom would likely be, understandably, critical of the practice. However, in this assignment, an essay that only explored this outsider position would be incomplete. You must go further and find insider voices, people for whom the practice is natural and normal, or at least those who have experienced it firsthand. Then, through comparison and contrast of these perspectives and cause-and-effect analysis, arrive at a more thorough exploration of your chosen culture or cultural phenomena/phenomenon.

Length and Formatting: 6-7 pages (not including works cited page). Follow MLA conventions for academic writing: In general, 1-inch margins all around, 12-point MLA-approved font (Times New Roman if uncertain), double-spaced, page number and last name in upper right-hand header (.5” from the top).

Type of Assignment: Essay

Subject: Social studies

Pages: 6/1650

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