Topic Prevention of Major Depressive Disorder in Adolescents/Young Adults

Instructions: The final report should be prepared in the form of a scholarly paper with three sections: Abstract, Literature Review, and Bridging Research and Practice.  Details for the content of each section are provided below.  The final report should not exceed 12 pages, not including the title page, references, tables or figures.  Any text exceeding the 12 page limit will not be read or graded.  Please use Times New Roman 12 pt with 1 inch margins.  Not all reports will have tables or figures.  The final report must include at least 10 peer-reviewed or edited primary sources, and should be written in APA format.

Abstract: This is a summary of the entire project, and should be no more than 250 words.  Please refer to the APA Manual p. 25-27 for additional information on how to write a good abstract. 

Literature Review:  The purpose of this section is to inform the reader about what the current literature says about a particular phenomenon and to point out limitations, shortcomings and gaps in our knowledge. In other words, you want to give the big picture, but point out blank spaces on the canvas, where the color isn’t quite right, or where there are distortions. This is not easy to do because most research is chaotic; you have to put some order to it! It is important to have an organized and coherent approach to writing the literature review.  You can classify studies into meaningful groups, such as type of DV, IV, subject population, etc.  When you describe previous research, do not go into excessive details on particular experiments; give just enough information so that the reader can make sense of the description. Remember, the reader has not read the study. When you summarize a study, make sure that you represent the results correctly.  A common mistake made in writing literature reviews is to simply present a list of summaries of studies, like a laundry list or book report.  This approach fails to demonstrate critical analysis skills, and fails to synthesize information.  In this section, you should synthesize the content from your sources and integrate the findings in a coherent and organized manner.  You should articulate your voice by interpreting the results of studies, comparing and contrasting them, and developing an argument or thesis.  Please consult with your instructor if you have additional questions.  This section should be in the range of 7-9 pages.

Bridging Research and Practice:  This section of your research report should address the relevance of research on this topic (as presented in your Literature Review) to clinical practice, specifically by highlighting ways to strengthen the research and clinical bridge on this topic.  You have some flexibility in how you approach this section.  For example, you may outline some ideas for how to implement some research findings into clinical practice.  On the other hand, you may discuss some ways in which clinical practice could be used to inform more relevant research.  You could also discuss ideas for specific research questions or methods that might strengthen the link between practice and research as it pertains to your topic.  The key here is to apply your knowledge of your topic, and your understanding of research methods, to offer an informed and critical perspective on how to bridge research and practice.  This section should be in the range of 2-4 pages.

Subject: Psychology

Type of assignment: Research

Pages: 11/3025

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