Tuina A Nonbiomedical Health Practice Paper

Tuina A Nonbiomedical Health Practice Paper.

Tuina A Nonbiomedical Health Practice Paper

Non BioMed Example (next page) – In this discussion topic, you will be presenting your research of an example of traditional medicine. The tradition can be from any culture group of your choosing. This can be from any cultural group but must be documented, not just anecdotal. You will include a minimum of one image to exemplify and inform. Reguired for the presentation:

  • information on the culture group who’s nonbiomedical health or healing practice you are presenting – this is who they are, where they live, how they live, etc. Give enough information that your readers have a good understanding of the people and a context for the practice.
  • identify and describe the health-related practice – assume your readers have never heard of this practice, provide enough description and information that it is clear what it is and what its used for, also consider why its used.
  • embed in the topic (not link to, it must be visible in the posting) at least one (1) relevant image, to helps to inform or clarify. Underneath the image give a detailed caption, meaning explain the image and include the citation for the picture, who’s image it is, where did you find it.
  • explain how you chose this topic to research – there are so many different non biomed traditions in use, how did you come to this one? Is it something you have taken part in? Is it new to you and you found it through research? If so, why did you pick it?
  • describe what you found to be the most interesting thing about the practice and why you found it so interesting – you did research, what did you find that compelling, fascinating, engrossing about the practice?
  • cite a minimum of 3 sources, include reference list at end, use MLA, APA, or Chicago style – review citation styles from the Writing Guide module.. Totall of 5 paragraphs
  • Culture Competency (final page) – this discussion topic is a wrap up to the class, in which you consider what you learned, and discuss the importance of cultural competency in health care. Conclude your posting with what you personally will take away from this course as a health care professional; what is something that you will keep in mind while working with patients? Is there something you had not thought of and now see the importance of? Whatever it is for you, describe it here…. the article related to Cultural competence —- and…….. 3-4 paragraphs


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