Unit 2 Discussion 1

Unit 2 Discussion 1.

  Unit 2: Discussion 1

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You are required to post your initial answers by WEDNESDAY and your follow-up comments on the postings of your classmates are due on SUNDAY at midnight. 

Please be sure that your comments to peers are substantive (see the Grading Rubric below). You should have a minimum of two postings for each thread and you will need to answer any questions I might ask you. 

Make good use of the information in your textbook as well any resources you find online! Don’t forget to correctly cite any source you use.  

Points will be deducted for incorrectly cited references, lack of references and missed deadlines! 

The following rubric will be used to score your discussion postings. There are 10 pts possible on each Discussion topic:



(Excellent) Initial posting went beyond a basic response and provided a critical examination of the issue and/or demonstrated critical thinking. Follow-up response added new insight to the discussions and promoted ongoing dialogue. No errors in grammar or spelling

(Good) Initial response conveyed the basic information and showed good content knowledge, but needed to expand on the reasoning and logic. Follow-up response would have benefited from incorporation of critical analysis and insight. Few errors in grammar or spelling with meaning very clear

(Fair) Discussion addressed the main points but lacks explanation or elaboration. Follow-up response provided minimal information and need significant improvement. Many errors in grammar or spelling making posting unclear.

(Poor) Initial response was vague, irrelevant or off-topic and/or was posted late or not all. Follow-up response was missing. Posting has so many errors in grammar and spelling that topic is not answered. Discussion Topic


When a plant grows, the atoms used come from carbon dioxide in the air and water. Plants are able to accomplish this through the process of photosynthesis, cellular respiration and biosynthesis of macromolecules. Briefly explain the light-dependent reactions of photosynthesis: where does this take place, what are the reactants and what is produced? Briefly explain the light-independent reactions of photosynthesis: where does this take place, what are the reactants and what is produced? How do plants store excess product from these reactions? Where does the energy come from that allow plants to synthesize the necessary biological macromolecules that allow it to grow? Hint: It is NOT from sunlight. Explain your answer.

Unit 2 Discussion 1

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