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FINAL PROJECT (which is a 15-20 slide power point). Final Project Milestone #5 (Beginning of the power point/ slide presentation) You need to do the title slide followed by six more slides of information with words and graphics/ photos/ etc. and at least two APA in-text citations minimum included within the words on the slides (no references needed yet). Thus you are showing me the first 7 slides. Do not put a ton of words on slides. Put enough to understand the topic but not so much that the words look microscopic and make it difficult to read. Make sure all graphics/ photos/ etc. are clear. I would advise you not do more than the first 7 slides so I can make sure you are doing it correctly. Spelling, grammar, syntax all count in your grade.

There documents provide more information about the project. (Final Project HIS 381 June 2020.docxPreview the document and Rubric for Global Issue Final Project June 2020.docxPreview the document)

Here are examples of this week’s milestones (those these are totally completed with 15-20 slides) to help you see what your instructor is looking for.

HIS HUM 381 milestone 5 exemplar A.pdfPreview the document

HIS HUM 381 milestone 5 exemplar B.pdfPreview the document

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