Vicarious Trauma and Injury the Elephant Man Condition Discussion

Vicarious Trauma and Injury the Elephant Man Condition Discussion.

Vicarious Trauma and Injury the Elephant Man Condition Discussion

In this introduction I will introduce you to what is called vicarious trauma- vicarious trauma relates to occupational challenges as well as continuous exposure to victims of trauma and violence. Nevertheless, oftentimes listening to individual clients recount their victimization; traumatic events could constantly create a negative reaction to trauma as well as secondary traumatic stress for that individual working with vicarious transformation even if it’s reflecting a positive reaction. Therefore, what you are about to witness are men, women, and often time’s children suffering from Chemotherapy, Lupus, and Burns, Alopecia, and. Type 1 neurofibromatosis condition in which is considered Serious Physical Disfigurement of the mind, body. However, most of this type of condition is considered a life sentencing relating to traumatic exposure firsthand. Consequently, some of the diseases I will be discussing are hereditary without a doubt overwhelming psychologically. Therefore, as a Third associate assisting in this type of phenomenal world of Serious Physical Disfigurement also relate to mini are called, but only a few are chosen to completing tasks relating to vicarious trauma.

The Elephant Man Condition:
Joseph Merrick (Elephant Man) from 1862 to 1890 he lived to be 27 years of age, but while growing up he begins to deteriorate and disfigure. Nevertheless, this type of deformity attracted negative brutality from his family and peer and the public. On the other hand, only his Uncle who was “barber helped him transition as an independent individual until his medical physician was able to determine he was suffering from what is called Neurofibromatosis type-1 in which is considered a hereditary disease that not only crippled him, but his appearance physically and mentally became overwhelming psychologically, but spiritually he held his composure, and if he had lived in the 21 century we would have been able to transform his appearance, he would look like the after photo. However, one must also consider that this type of vulnerable occupational risk could cause a person to experience traumatic stress, social isolation, withdraws as well as difficulties in expressing self.

Serious chemical Physical Disfigurement:
Ladies and gentlemen what you are about to witness are most definitely protected under the code of ethics. Therefore, you are obligated to hold your composure regarding such sensitive matters. MJ is considering a celebrity who suffered from chemical-related burns all over his upper torso, became disfigured, and broke down physically and overwhelmingly psychologically to where it took a group of physicians to transform whom he was without exposing his identity. On the other hand, his deformities related to chemical burns, blistering, and pain, swelling, oftentimes turns the skin leathery and red, white, and black. Nevertheless, because of his celebrity status, it became harder and harder, and no one was able to deal with the mortal side because this type of transitioning back to reality was based on trust, trust was based only through the soul and he became unreachable because of all his deformities. However, under special circumstances, this type of vicarious trauma is considered a life sentencing relate to the illness that disfigured him, but it also could traumatize the medical physician, the psychologist, and the cosmetologist working to transform him back into society. Furthermore, because of his condition, you must be recognized that you must function through his mortal soul on a spiritual level without fear even though this is life-or-death sentencing for all parties involved.

These are considered third-degree burns on the scalp, at the age of nine years old he became disfigured, suffered from his appearance physically, and overwhelmingly psychologically. Nevertheless, vicarious trauma under special circumstances obligated me to form my duties as a technician under the code of ethic in order to protect self as well as the client. Although, my client suffered from psoriasis of the scalp; I also had to replace his united every three-month, treat his scalp, oftentimes the scalp would be discolored, flaky with an odor. However, psychologically he would neglect himself, and his negative care would gross me out, often I would lose a day in a half every three months. On the other hand, these types of traumatic experiences could cause you to withdraw, blame others in stressful situations. Most importantly, always remember that you are no longer dealing with the mortal part of the human being, but the soul or the spirituality of trust is what makes these types of deformities able to cope, transiting back into society professionally.

Hair loss is considering a side effect when a human being experiences hair loss as an unwanted side effect while undergoing chemotherapy. Nevertheless, this procedure causes a patient to become hairless. Therefore, hair loss is discovered by the measurements and occurrence of chemotherapy in a client. Consequently, as you could see from the picture above that my client is bald-headed from chemotherapy and is suffering tremendously and psychologically. However, these types of transitioning between client and technician often could result in a negative transformation. For example, vicarious trauma is not considered a sign of weakness, but once you sign that contract your commitment or responsibility to that client could also cause you PTSD alone with a traumatic reaction to the client’s deterioration. Most important, who would have thought that the matter of trauma would be a paid experience? (Saakvitne et al. 2000).

Vicarious Trauma and Injury the Elephant Man Condition Discussion

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