What is the value of a master’s degree in nursing?

I would like to reply to a peer’s post. I am including the references that should be used.
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Student’s post
What is the value of a master’s degree in nursing?
A nurse is committed to provide quality of care to the patients and thereby contributes to best outcomes in health care field. Nurses often choose advance nursing practice to explore their knowledge and achieve higher position in the field of nursing. Nurses are capable to acquire critical thinking characteristics which includes confidence, patience, and creativity. They also become competent with their learning experiences and skill-based practice. The advancement in nursing career provides them vast knowledge and desired role in nursing practice (Pearce & Breen, 2018).
Advance nursing courses including evidence-based practice are always beneficial to get more understanding and expand critical thinking skills. Therefore, the value of master’s degree in nursing is the key to enter in advance practice nursing (Moore et al., 2019). The current health care system demands nurses to get advance education to perform diverse roles. Nurses always competent of performing variety of roles but advance degrees lead them to achieve mastery and professionalism. In current health care system, nurses’ responsibilities are getting wider and tougher. It is now beyond the bedside care. Nurses are navigating clinical systems and became important member of the system. This demands nursing profession to become richer with advance practice mastery to deal with future health care system (Clark et al., 2015).
Now a days, there is a big need of primary care providers and nurses are filling up this position by achieving higher levels of education at master’s and doctor’s level. Clinical decision making and diagnostic reasoning are vital role of a nurse at primary providers’ position. Health care system has many areas where primary clinics are led by nurses and they are performing as a full partner with physicians (Pearce & Breen, 2018). After immense testing and certifications, nurses get ability to provide specialized and advanced care to patients. Nursing profession is very rewarding and being a nurse, I always feel proud to be part of my team.
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