Your group is starting a new company.

Your group is starting a new company.
Your company can be given a name of your choice.
As the founders of this company you are required to make a product related to hospitality industry.
This can be any product your company chooses to make.
For this product, you are required to do the following:
Give a product description
What is the product?
Describe it’s features
The best aspects of the product
Why was the product created?
Help the reader understand why you created the product.
What drove you to create the product?
Who is the product for?
Describe your Market Segments – Demographic, Behavioural, Psychographic
Who are the competitors of your product?
Describe 3 main competitors of your product
Conduct a SWOT analysis of the product.
4 – 5 points for each of the sections of the SWOT analysis
Social media platforms:
Name the platforms
Describe why you would market on those platforms
How is marketing on a certain social media platform going to help you?

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