a single research project topic

a single research project topic.

1. State your topic. Be as specific as possible, stating the particular focus you plan to explore. For instance, rather than stating that your topic is climate change, specify that you will focus on climate change’s effect on weather patterns.

2. Write a paragraph in which you explore possible research questions related to that focus. For my example, you might ask what our nation should do to minimize the effect of weather pattern shifts due to climate change. Another possible question would be to ask how climate change affects weather patterns, although that might be difficult to make an argument about. It’s okay to bring up issues like that in this paragraph. You’re exploring–and you don’t want to actually formulate your argument until you’ve done all your research. This paragraph should be at least 1/2 page.

3. List 4-5 sources you might use for this topic (from earlier assignments). Use MLA style citations for sources and make sure that you include active links (or permalink for database sources).


a single research project topic

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