answering questions and creating a powerpoint presentation

answering questions and creating a powerpoint presentation.

Please take this assignment seriously and do not turn in any botched up writing or poorly written work. This is for a university where they take english writing skills very seriously. So please make sure you can properly write an essay and article your argument before you turn in the assignment. When answering the questions please make sure you answer each and everyone of the questions very carefully. I do not want a lot of writing that doesn’t properly answer the questions. If you write a lot but do not answer the questions properly or you did not read all of the required readings so you cannot answer the question properly then I will request a refund. Also if you turn in the assignment and it is poorly written (your sentences don’t flow properly or you have bad grammar) then I will issue a refund. So please take this seriously. Thank you.

You must answer questions and create a powerpoint pesentation answering the questions The prompt and instructions will be in the attached file. Please make sure you follow every instruction veryyyy carefully. Thank you


answering questions and creating a powerpoint presentation

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