Please follow all of the guidelines in the attached file.

Topic: ” Gluten Sensitivity”. Please message me the attentive claim and counter arguments when you choose them. Please also include a first and second draft as well as the final copy upon completion. MLA Format.

Must consist of eight academic-level sources.

Your GRAPHIC and/or IMAGE must be (1) labeled, (2) cited, and (3) referred to in the text before its placement.

Required Length: 8-10 pages, up to one page of which may consist of ancillary graphics and images, PLUS a “Works Cited” page – so that’s at least seven pages of text.

Thesis: Underline. Not only is a strong thesis emphatic and takes a clear stance, it should also provide grounds under which you are convincing your claim to be true. (Think “because statement,” your reasons. This will also assist you in your organization.)

check the attached file for further details.



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