Assignment Psychological Disorders in the Movies

Assignment Psychological Disorders in the Movies.

Assignment: Psychological Disorders in the Movies

For this assignment, you will select and watch a movie (or TV show) that depicts a character with a psychological disorder. Some examples include:

  • As Good As it Gets, The Aviator (2004) – Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
  • Batman Begins (2005) — Phobia
  • Girl Interrupted, Inside Out — Depression
  • Fatal Attraction (1987), Girl Interrupted – Borderline Personality Disorder
  • Trainspotting (1996), Affliction (1997), Blow (2001) – Substance Abuse Disorder
  • A Beautiful Mind (2001) – Schizophrenia
  • Silver Linings Playbook, Homeland (2012) – Bipolar Disorder


Part 1: Diagnosis
Provide an overview of all of the criteria of the disorder and the evidence (with specific examples) that your character meets criteria. Be sure to address all of the DSM5 criteria that pertain to the disorder selected, including two examples of how the disorder is impacting on the character’s functioning. Briefly comment on if you think the movie accurately portrays the diagnosis. If not, what specific information would you require to make the diagnosis? (Max 1 page)
Part 2: Treatment
Assume that the individual does meet criteria for this disorder. Discuss one evidence-based treatment that might be helpful for this individual given this diagnosis.

  1. Describe the rationale for selecting this therapy. This should include discussion of 2 factors (biological, social, or psychological) that place individuals at risk for or maintain the disorder (e.g., avoidance/negative reinforcement and anxiety) and as such are targeted by the treatment. Explain how the treatment addresses these factors and/or the specific presenting symptoms of the individual.
  2. Provide an overview of the empirical evidence for this treatment, making sure to rely on best evidence (e.g., meta-analysis, treatment study with a control group). Describe at least 2 studies evaluating this treatment in detail (e.g., who is the population under study for treatment and control group, relevant details of method, specific findings and any limitations in the literature).



  1. What do I need to do in this assignment?
  • Write 4 double-spaced pages for your response (12 point, Times New Roman font, 1 inch margins). Also include a title page and a reference page(s). Do not exceed the page limit or adjust the font size and/or margins.
  • Work independently. You are not to work in pairs or groups.
  • Use APA style for the paper.
  • Appropriately cite all references used using APA 6 format.
  • You must have at least 4 scholarly references (i.e., scholarly articles and scientific papers published in academic journals). Note that Wikipedia, magazine, newspaper and other web sites are not acceptable sources of information for this assignment. You are to retrieve articles from sources such as google scholar, psycinfo, or pubmed . You are encouraged to prioritize current articles (2007 and later), although the availability of articles will differ depending on your topic. It must be evident from your response to the assignment question that you have read the sources in full and not simply cited the abstract.
  • Your textbook does not count as one of your 4 scholarly references.
  • You may cite your textbook or the DSM5 for the criteria for your disorder.
    2. What format should I use?
  • Your response to the assignment question should be 4 pages, double-spaced, 12 point Times New Roman font, with 1 inch margins all around.
  • You must use APA 6 format within the paper and for referencing. This is a psychology course, and thus you are expected to use the conventions for editorial style as specified by the American Psychological Association (APA) for this writing assignment. Some elements of APA format include:

o Numbering your pages in the upper right-hand corner.
o Including a title page (with your name, student number, course code and section,

and the date).
o Including a reference page. In APA style, the title on the reference page is

“References”, not “works cited” or “bibliography”. Format your reference section

according to APA style.
o Use proper within-text citations.
o Go to this website for more information regarding APA style:



  1. Can I use quotes?
  • Using a few quotes to show support for your ideas is acceptable, but using too many quotes in combination with too few of your own thoughts does not make for a well- balanced, intelligent paper. Excessive or inappropriate use of quotes is not acceptable – you must demonstrate the ability to understand the material by putting it in your own words.
  • You MUST acknowledge all sources in the paper using correct referencing. If you do not know what this means or if you have any questions about how to write this paper, please come see me or your TA during office hours before the due date.


Assignment Psychological Disorders in the Movies

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