book viii of plato s republic

book viii of plato s republic.

Part 1: The Introduction. Briefly state the topic of the paper. Describe what you will do in the paper. And be sure to clearly state what you will argue (see part 3). Please, do not include any fluff in the introduction like “Plato was one of the greatest philosophers ever…blah blah barf.”

Part 2: Explain. Your second task is to clearly explain why Plato thinks that democracy can easily slide into Tyranny. A good explanation of Plato’s views here must include, of course, explaining exactly what Plato means by “democracy” and “tyranny.” And then also explain his argument for why the former slides into the latter.

Part 3: Evaluate. Your third and final task is to evaluate Plato’s claim that democracy easily slides into tyranny. This is where you develop an argument of your own. In short, your task is to argue whether history and current events either confirm or disconfirm Plato’s view. I ask that you limit your consideration of history and current events to a single nation. Most of you ought to write about the United States. You may only write about another nation if you have lived most of your life in another nation and are more familiar with it than the U.S. Your evaluation will include two main steps:

A. Generate a list of data: find a list of historical and current events in your nation.

B. Demonstrate how the majority of those data points either confirm or disconfirm Plato’s view.


book viii of plato s republic

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