case analysis 250

case analysis 250.

Answer the following questions, from the given document.

16-11Review the characteristics of global and transnational companies in Chapter 1. Based on your reading of the case, would IKEA be described as a global firm or a transnational firm?

16-12. At the end of Chapter 11, it was noted that managers of IKEA stores have a great deal of discretion when it comes to setting prices. In terms of the ethnocentric/polycentric/regiocentric/geocentric (EPRG) framework, which management orientation is in evidence at IKEA?

16-13. What does it mean to say that, in terms of Porter’s generic strategies, IKEA pursues a strategy of “cost focus”?

Keegan, Warren J.; Green, Mark C.. Global Marketing (Page 525). Pearson Education. Kindle Edition.


case analysis 250

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