complete this projecet charter

complete this projecet charter.

Purpose: To gain firsthand experience of completing a project charter, stakeholder identification/analysis and risk identification with mitigation. This exercise will enhance your understanding for why the planning phase of a project is crucial to project success.
Your team has been assigned by the Chief Financial Officer and the Human Resources department’s Safety and Health Administration, to manage a new project. The intent of the project will improve the overall health of the 1200 employees. Based on a companywide employee survey, the majority of employee’s desire to lose a considerable amount of body weight. The Sponsor’s expectation is that this project will aid in the organization’s strategic goal of health and fitness makes for more productive employees. A project objective is to create a competition where the top five “losers” will be acknowledged in the company’s newsletter and advertised through the local media. Assume you have six months to complete the project and a budget of $10,000.
Part I
Your team assignment is to provide three (3) documents:
1. Develop a project charter consisting of the following (Template Provided)

2. Brainstorm a stakeholder list of no more than ten (10) individuals and groups. Analyze the stakeholders using the tools provided. Challenge yourself by identifying the not so obvious stakeholders. Are there any? Submit in excel spreadsheet (Template Provided).

3. Identify High Level risks and associated Project Sponsor tolerance. Can use risk worksheet to help organization and identify but not required to submit as part of assignment. Submit High Level Risks Document(Template Provided).

Be creative! Have fun with this assignment. If that means embellishing (be reasonable) take the liberty to do so. The emphasis is going through the paces of working with the three planning documents.

Part II
Provide an executive presentation using PowerPoint for the project’s sponsor and Human Resources. Consider this an opportunity to educate the company executives about proper project management procedures.
Provide a review of the planning that your team has conducted. Be specific, referring to each of the documents that your team will produce. What are key points you want the executive group to recognize as a result of your planning efforts.
Note: Submit 3-5 PowerPoint slides
Part III
Have a conversation with your team. A lessons-learned meeting. Asking what is your team’s biggest take-away from this experiential exercise? This can be something learned as part of the exercise or perhaps something that came from working together as a team. Provide a brief written explanation for what each of you found as important.


complete this projecet charter

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