conrad roy and genie compare and contrasts

conrad roy and genie compare and contrasts.

Students will compare and contrast an individual in a Case Study to another individual in Modern America.

Conrad Roy- Killed himself in a parking lot due to the influence from his girlfriend

Genie – “1970 a girl was discovered. She had been locked in a room alone for over ten years. After reading this case study about Genie, you can do more research into the effect of tremendous isolation on the development of the self. ”

Excerpt From: Sanne Unger. “Self and Society 100”. Apple Books.

This essay must discuss how each person showed resilience, what obstacles they had to overcome, and how they overcame them, using the humanistic theories, including Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs and the concept of Self-Actualization. To deepen their understanding of resilience, students will also use the Lynn Library articles database to find at least one relevant peer-reviewed source. This essay must be in third-person format. Students must have at least 5 citations in this paper (Chapters 5 and 6 of the iBook, an article that references the individual in Modern America, and one peer-reviewed source from the Lynn library database).

· Content Main Ideas:

o 5: The self is dependent upon individual motivation to satisfy a set of hierarchical needs.

o 6: The ideal self can be achieved after meeting all other hierarchical needs.

o 9.1: Being deprived of social contact can limit the development of the self

o 9.2: A social support can contribute to the development of a strong sense of self.

o 9.3: Some individuals demonstrate resilience despite having difficult environments.

o 9.4: Both interpersonal and intrapersonal processes play a role in the development of self and identity.


conrad roy and genie compare and contrasts

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