COVID-19 Flatten the curve simulator

COVID-19 Flatten the curve simulator.

You are required to develop a COVID-19 Social distancing simulation by following the example offered by the Washington Post in their “Why outbreaks like coronavirus spread exponentially, and how to “flatten the curve” post.

The simulation rules are as follow:

Unlike the covid-19, this simulation’s virus spread more easily, whenever a healthy person comes into contact with a sick person, a healthy person becomes sick too.

People eventually recover, a recovered person can neither transmit the virus to a healthy person nor become sick again after coming in contact with a sick person.

Assume that a sick person can recover after a couple of seconds.

The simulation should offer a Social Distancing Agent percentage which dictates the number of individuals that are not moving (self-quarantined).

Social Distancing will showcase the importance of staying away in order to prevent further spread.

You can introduce a death variable that simply removes the infected agent (moving circle) in case it doesn’t recover from the simulation based on a certain percentage.

Before starting the simulation offer an option to pick the population number and the Social Distancing percentage.

You can develop the simulation on Processing with Python

Sample Solution

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COVID-19 Flatten the curve simulator

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