critical report 1

critical report 1.

Analytical Report: Remember to organize your report with an Introductory paragraph + Body paragraphs +Concluding paragraph. Your claims must have effective supporting details.

Read the essay “What is Luxury?” by Frances Moore Lappe. In a 5–6 paragraph report, analyze her claim and use of examples to illustrate the concept of “luxury”. What kinds of appeals does she use?

Write in the 3rd person and write a title for your report. About 650- 700 words in the MLA style to be written in multiple paragraphs. More than 5 paragraphs.

I am looking for a clearly written report not a summary. You must give examples of use of words and phrases that describe what “luxury” is to Lappe. How is this simplicity and inner sense of luxury different from the cliched understanding of luxury? Develop with details and examples from the essay and Lappe’s reasoning as she unfolds a definition of “luxury,” which you might not be familiar with.


critical report 1

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