Entrepreneur Spotlight

Entrepreneur Spotlight.

The Entrepreneur Spotlight for this week is…J. K. Rowling! Let’s take a look at the video, “The Most Inspiring
Speech: Don’t be Afraid to Fail – J. K. Rowling [run time 6:41] which explores how failure actually set the
foundation for her success with the Harry Potter series.
Next, review the following:
Biography. (2012). J.K. Rowling. Retrieved 01/26/2020.
TedTalk. (2010). The fringe benefits of failure. Retrieved 01/26/2020.
Inc. (2020). J.K. Rowling says Success has Nothing to do with “Destiny”. Retrieved 01/26/2020.
Using Canva, you will create a presentation highlighting, “How J.K. Rowling defines Success and Failure in
Business.” Now that you have conducted your research on J.K. Rowling and the creation of Harry Potter, you
will address the following.
Background: Provide a brief synopsis of the background – past and present, of J.K. Rowling.
The Big Idea: What was J.K. Rowling’s vision for Harry Potter? How is J. K. Rowling’s vision applied to failure/
success in entrepreneurship?
How it Works? What is the Harry Potter concept all about? What impact has Harry Potter had on the global
Key Benefits and Drawbacks: Identify the top three consumer benefits of the Harry Potter brand. Likewise, you
will identify the top three drawbacks of Harry Potter.
Next Steps: What are your top three predictions for Harry Potter in the near future? What about the next 3 to 5
years? Suggest three business strategies for overall improvement.

Sample Solution

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Entrepreneur Spotlight

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