essay around 150 words

essay around 150 words.

Critical thinking is essential for scientists and non-scientists alike. Start to think about what critical thinking means to you. How do you define critical thinking? How often do you do it? Do you think it is important?

With your ideas to these questions in mind, go on to read the article Gawande, A. 2016. The Mistrust of Science. The New Yorker. [online]…

Then post your opinion/view point below about the role/importance of critical thinking and the current mistrust of science. Then respond to two other students. Each post must be a minimum of 150 words, be well thought out, and always use professional, kind language. This is an opportunity to converse academically on some of the topics brought about in the article. It is not an opportunity to use abusive language or personal attacks of any kind. No exceptions. Once you post your view point you will then see what others have posted. You must do one view point post and at least 2 response posts in order to receive full credit.


essay around 150 words

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