excel data analytics

excel data analytics.

BUS 310 HomeWork #4 Fall 2018

This exam is due and must be submitted to the Black Board Midterm 1 assignment.

You are allowed one submission attempt.

Problem 1:

Call centers typically have high employee turnover. The director of human resources of a large bank has compiled data on 70 randomly selected employees and recorded their employment tenure. She feels that the employees are staying on the job longer than2 years. The bank has a long-term average of 2 years tenure. Does the HR director new data support her belief that employees are staying longer in the call center?

Problem 2:

Using the Airport Service data provided, determine if the Airport can claim that its average service time is less than150 seconds.

Problem 3:

Using the Computer Service Repair Time random sample, determine if the company can claim that the average repair time is less than15 days.

Problem 4:

The Sales Data provides data on a random sample of customers. An industry trade publication stated that the average profit per customer for this industry is more than$4,500. Does the current data set support this claim or not?

Problem 5:

An employer is considering negotiating its pricing structure for health insurance with its provider if there is sufficient evidence that employees would be willing to pay lower premiums for a higher deductible. Specifically, the employer wants more than30% of their employees to be willing to make the change. Using this random sample, determine what decision the employer should make.

Problem 6:

Determine if there is enough evidence to conclude that the mean number of vacations taken by married individuals is less than the number taken by single/divorced individuals. These observations are random samples. Compare the two methods of analysis create by StatTools, Equal Variances compared to Unequal Variances. Does your decision change?

Problem 7:

Use the random sample data to test the hypothesis that the number of months employed is differentfor applicants with low credit risk as those with high credit risk.

Problem 8:

Using the data of a sample of students taking Business Analytics from a large section, can you conclude that the student’s mean Final Examgrades are higherthan the Midterm? Note that the Choose Variable Ordering dialogue asks do you want toReverse Order for the problem. ClickReverse Order so that you are “subtracting Final Exam from Midterm” because your hypothesisthat the Final Exam scores are higher.

Problem 9:

Using the random sample of MBA students from a large R1 university, is there enough evidence to conclude that the GPAs between female and male MBA students are different?

Problem 10:

Given a random sample of male drivers and female drivers from the Fairfax area, is there enough evidence to support the hypothesis that males drive
more than female


excel data analytics

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