four queestons to answer

four queestons to answer.


  • Your responses can be brief (get right to the point) but should be specific (include specific detail – feel free to use bulleted lists where appropriate).



  • What were the elements of Hirsch’s approach to LEAN implementation at Tunica that contributed most to their success?


  • What are some of the challenges facing Hirsch as he begins implementing LEAN philosophies at Harrah’s Metropolis? In your response, include the ways in which the situation (reason for initiating LEAN) at Metropolis differs from that at Tunica.


  • Hirsch is considering a different approach to lean implementation at Metropolis: deploying small groups of highly skilled process-excellence experts to improve internal processes and procedures, with employee input offered through focus groups and suggestion systems.
    • How does this approach differ to the approach taken at Tunica?
    • What are the benefits of this approach?
    • What are some of the drawbacks of this approach?


  • What would you recommend to Hirsch to overcome some of the drawbacks of the new approach (make these specific, actionable recommendations)?


four queestons to answer

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