give feedback to 2 discussion posts 3

give feedback to 2 discussion posts 3.

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Critical path analysis is the network of planning everything with a critical path and its alternate system. Critical path activities are the project tasks that must be finished at a certain time to make sure the project is completed on time. This gives team the ability to identify the most important parts of a project and get those done first to make sure everything is completed. I feel this helps people that are visual learners a lot because it puts what they are working on in perspective and they are able to see it written out. It also helps to identity when something is high risk which is very important in a business because you don’t want to make a bad decision on something that could be detrimental to the company.


The critical path analysis is a technique that is meant to identify the necessary activities to complete a task. The CP analysis can include identifying the time necessary to finish the activities and the relationships between them. The critical path activities are tasks that are related to the project which must start and finish on time in order to make sure the project ends according to schedule. Critical path activities are important because it can cause a delay if not done properly and affect the projected scheduled end time of the project if the plan is unable to be adjusted to finish ahead of schedule.

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give feedback to 2 discussion posts 3

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