help for problem solving for sport games that are out of control

help for problem solving for sport games that are out of control.

In order to be an effective sport manager, you need to understand violence, its impact on people who participate in sports, and why violence in sport is accepted or rejected.You also need to be innovative in preventing violence.

You will apply your own experiences to your understanding of the reading in order craft your response.

You will write this exercise as if you are a sport manager making a pitch to support your recommendations.Consequently, you will write it in business memo format.

Remember to be SEXI in your responses (i.e. State. Elaborate eXemplify. Illustrate)

Be sure that you hit all of the Elements of Thought as well as apply the Standards of Thinking.

Set #1 Huggins

You are the new athletic director of a high school that is hosting a game between your #1 ranked women’s basketball team and the #2 ranked women’s team in your conference. There is a deep, longstanding rivalry between the schools as well as a history of player and spectator violence during games. During one game a few years back, fans from opposing sides actually fought with players on the court and continued fighting in the parking lot.Also, there was some recent violence on the court (i.e. a bench clearing brawl) during a women’s professional basketball game that is being replayed constantly in the media.What measures would you take to control (1) player violence and (2) spectator violence (a) on the court and (b) off the court in this upcoming match?Keep in mind that your budget is really not enough to hire additional outside security (e.g. professional security or off-duty police officers.)This exercise should be in business memorandum format.(Please look below.)

  • Player Violence

a. On the court

b. Off the court

2.Spectator Violence

a. On the court

b. Off the court

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help for problem solving for sport games that are out of control

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