homework essay 2

homework essay 2.

200 Summary / Response Essay assignment

Select an outside reading from a reliable periodical, journal, magazine, or newspaper. The article must deal with some aspect of contemporary culture which could include a wide range of topics: technology, science, fashion, trends, politics, sports, etc…The article should contain elements of argument—it should present views that reasonable people could agree / disagree with.

Write a 2-3 page summary / response essay on the article you have selected.

The summary must be objective and mention the author and title of the essay. The summary should be 1/3 the length of your total essay—do not write an overly- detailed summary: the bulk of the paper must be response.

Your response can be a combination of analysis, experience, evaluation, argument, or support.

You must use a few correctly cited supporting quotes from the article to support your viewpoints.

Although only one source is required (the article itself) you must have a properly formatted works cited page that names the source in MLA format.

The works cited page does not count as one of the required three pages.


homework essay 2

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