HRM & Ethical Hacking Discussions

HRM & Ethical Hacking Discussions.

Human Resources – Please include References


Share why job analysis is crucial to the effective management of organizations. Include the following in your answers:

1.  How does a job analysis help managers do their jobs better?

2.  How does a job analysis relate to job descriptions and job specifications?

3.  Why is it beneficial to have someone from outside the organization conduct the job analysis?

Please respond to two peers for this discussion.

Discussion Two: Application

Knowing that EEO laws and regulations greatly impact the HR environment, share how job descriptions and job specifications serve HR toward compliance with the laws and regulations. Include at least two of the following major functions of HRM: organizational design, staffing, training, compensation and performance management.

 Please respond to two peers for this discussion.


Ethical Hacking – Include references in response

 Password Cracking


Describe the various password cracking techniques and at least one tool that can be used for each technique (some tools can be used for all techniques). Also include countermeasures for password cracking in the discussion.



Enumeration Methods

Discuss one method of enumeration.  Include the pros/cons, risks, results possible, and ways to use the results.  Discuss one tool that can be used to perform or aid in method chosen.



HRM & Ethical Hacking Discussions

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