i have homework 94

i have homework 94.

Want to ace your assignments? You’ll need just a bit of OWLv2 training to clear the way.

The Introductory Assignments are here to orient you to the system and maximize your success. Do all of these assignments first thing and refer back to them when needed.

Additionally, carefully review the Student Getting Started Guide (PDF). It will teach you about accessing your assignments, understanding due dates, seeing your grades, navigation Do’s and Don’ts, using the eBook, and more.

Do those two things and you’ll be well on your way!

The Group you are working in turns blue and expands to reveal the questions therein. For example, a Group named “Elements and Compounds” is being worked in the above image.

To get credit, you will need to master the Group by correctly answering a minimum requirement of questions within that Group. Minimum requirements are shown next to the Group names. A circled “M” next to a completed Group indicates that you have achieved mastery. Congratulations!

If you fail to achieve mastery, or you just want to try a Group again, click the “Retry Entire Group” button to refresh that Group and work on a set of similar questions.

You can also “jump around”—that is, you can work through the Groups in any order you choose.


i have homework 94

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