I need APA 7th edition only!Appreciate if you can check the below feedback and

I need APA 7th edition only!Appreciate if you can check the below feedback and.

I need APA 7th edition only!
Appreciate if you can check the below feedback and alter my draft to meet the requirements. Thesis statement should be added as well. if more pages are required please advise.
**feedback on submitted outline of paper
Your outline is highly detailed, and I have a clear sense of how you will approach the paper. You seem to be taking a thoughtful and reasoned approach to using the theories that is both interesting and seems to have a high likelihood of being successful when applied. While it is always difficult to write a paper before you write a paper, if you follow my reasoning, it seems like the form of the outline may have overshadowed the function of it. You should also have some form of a thesis statement. You will find this link helpful for writing a good thesis statement: https://writingcenter.unc.edu/tips-and-tools/thesis-statements/
You’ve definitely considered how you could use the theories to decrease turnover, although it was somewhat unclear how you intend to specifically apply the theories to do this. From what I can determine, you talk about getting employees to adopt company goals, but not how you will get them to do this. Make sure to be very clear about the issue and what is causing it. Discuss how the theories can be used to explain why turnover is occurring and what can be done to decrease turnover.
You appear to be discussing the issue and the theories in a serial fashion, or you talk about each separately one after the other. You should integrate or synthesize various aspects of the theories to demonstrate their interrelationships throughout your paper, and how they could be used together to examine the issue and resolve it. Reflect on the core concepts discussed in the class emphasizing the need for multiple theories to effectively understand motivation, and how any one theory is ultimately limited in formulating this understanding. In effect, you should discuss how everything ties together initially and throughout your paper. Keep in mind that the example outline that is provided is simply to get you thinking about what you want to include in your paper, although you should not write your paper in this manner. Evaluation and synthesis should occur throughout your paper.
You are clearly seeing interrelationships among the theories, and I suspect that you will see more as you write your paper. These theories complement each other quite well, so you should make sure to discuss the interrelationships among them throughout your paper. Developing applications in relation to each individual theory is good, but recognizing how the theories can be combined for maximum effect will make your applications even better.
To give you more clarity about how you can do this, I’ve included some links below that should provide you with ample details regarding ways to effectively synthesize materials in your writing.
Comments from Customer
Original paper Instructions: Make your arguments in a clear and concise manner, with a clear thesis statement, detailed explanations, apparent connection between theory and behaviors, and strong organization.
The point of the paper is to demonstrate your understanding of, and your ability to apply the work motivation and attitudes theories and concepts. Focus on the theories and how they help people think about the situation that you have chosen, not the situation itself. Do not spend significant portions of your paper describing the situations. The situations are case examples to help highlight your knowledge and thinking with regard to work motivation and attitudes. Focus on explaining and applying the theoretical concepts.
Purpose of the Synthesis Paper: to apply research and theory about work motivation and attitudes to a real work situation that you (or someone that you know) has encountered.
Method for creating Synthesis Paper: Choose a particular work-related issue, situation, or problem (whether it’s about you, another employee, or group of employees) as an example to which you will apply three theories that you have learned about in this course.
Method (contd) Keep in mind that this doesn’t have to be an application to paid employment, but can be an application to any “work” situation, whether voluntary work, school work, or work jobs/tasks in one’s household. Two of the theories that you choose to apply need to be from the motivation section of the course (lessons 2-10) and at least one needs to be from the job attitudes section of the course (lessons 11-13). (You may use more theories, but do not spread yourself too thin; depth is more important than breadth.) In order to demonstrate to me that you understand each theory, you should explain your example using theory terminology, making sure that you specify how theory concepts are illustrated in one or more features of your example. Then, demonstrate your ability to apply the theory by describing how the issue or problem could be addressed using the theory (again, using theory terminology). Finally, compare & contrast your applications of the theories (which can be done as you discuss each application). Here’s the general idea in an oversimplified example: Bob’s productivity has dropped… how do expectancy, job characteristics, and equity theories explain that drop, and how can each be used to get his productivity back on track?

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Appreciate if you can check the below feedback and appeared first on nursing writers.


I need APA 7th edition only!Appreciate if you can check the below feedback and

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