I need support with this Writing question so I can learn better.Report (90 marks

I need support with this Writing question so I can learn better.Report (90 marks.

I need support with this Writing question so I can learn better.Report (90 marks)You will conduct a research study investigating the impact of soothing music on physiological responses, based on Upadhayay (2016). The paper can be found here: https://www.researchgate.net/publication/309208822…The dependent variable must be one of the following: (i) heart rate, (ii) respiratory rate, (iii) body temperature.The assignment can be fully answered using one dependent variable, but you can include a maximum of two dependent variables if this is necessary to the design of your experiment. In this case, your answer should demonstrate how these two measures are necessary and complementary.Preparation for Lab SessionWith your GBA groupDecide as a group on 4 pieces of instrumental music that everyone agrees is “soothing” to them. Each of these pieces should be about 4 minutes in duration. Save these 4 audio clips as your group’s soothing instrumental music.In addition, prepare a set of excerpts for each of these four pieces. Each excerpt should be 1 minute in length and should be representative of the full music piece in how soothing it is (see details below in sequence of events).IndividuallySupporting your answer with empirical evidence, justify the group’s choice of pieces and identify the characteristics in these pieces that make them soothing.Find one person to conduct the experiment on.Materials/Equipment for measuring:Heart rate (HR): Heart rate monitoring device. Please state clearly the device that was used. If your participant does not have a heart rate monitoring device, he/she can calculate this manually by counting the number of heart beats over 15 seconds and multiplying this number by 4.More instructions on how to count your heart rate manually can be found on this website (https://www.health.harvard.edu/heart-health/want-to-check-your-heart-rate-heres-how#:~:text=At%20the%20wrist%2C%20lightly%20press,That’s%20your%20heart%20rate.)Body temperature (BT): body thermometerRespiratory rate (RR): Digital device that monitors respiratory rate. Please state the device that was used. The respiratory rate can also be calculated manually by counting the number of breaths taken in 15 seconds (number of times the chest rises). Multiply this number by 4 to get the RR per minute. PSY369e Tutor-Marked Assignment 01 January 2021 SemesterSINGAPORE UNIVERSITY OF SOCIAL SCIENCES (SUSS) Page 9 of 11Sequence of events in experimentPhase 1Your participant will listen to an excerpt of each of the four pieces and rate each one on a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being not soothing at all and 10 being extremely soothing. The sequence is illustrated below: Piece #1Rate piecePiece #2Rate piecePiece #3Rate piecePiece #4Rate piece1 min10 s1 min10 s1 min10 s1 min10 sTMA submission – read these instructions carefully Backup your TMA at all times. Submit early and check the originality report for possible revision and resubmission. Turnitin reports are generated immediately the first time but subsequent reports may take up to a day to generate. Resubmissions (overwriting earlier submissions) are allowed before the deadline, but NO further resubmissions during the grace period or thereafter. Upload TMA in Word document file only (not in PDF), and strictly follow the naming convention specified for TMA files (Non-compliance to these standards might lead to an admin fee and/or the TMA not be being marked). Upload correct TMA file to the correct folder of the correct course. Admin fee applies to appeals to transfer files to correct folder. 12-hour grace period after the deadline is NOT an extended deadline but solely is for resolving technical problems encountered with submissions before the deadline. In case of problems: Email Canvas Support LSsupport@suss.edu.sg immediately (with relevant screenshots and your TMA attached) and follow up with Canvas Support before the grace period is over. If there was no submission before the deadline, one late submission is allowed after the deadline for up to 1 week, after which no more late submissions will be allowed. Automatic marks deduction applies after the 12-hour grace period (refer to the marks deduction scheme in the Student Handbook). With this automatic deduction, there will be no need to request for extensions from your tutor because your tutor does not have the mandate to over-ride the Canvas system settings. Retain the Turnitin digital receipt as evidence of a successful submission. Appeals submitted without the Turnitin digital receipt will not be entertained. View your submission immediately to ensure that the entire document has been uploaded completely and successfully.TMA Formatting RequirementsMargins: 1 inch (2.54 cm) margins on all sides (top, bottom, left, and right) of the pageLine spacing: Double-space the entire paperParagraph alignment: Align the text to the left and leave the right margin unevenParagraph indentation: Indent the first line of every paragraph 0.5 inchFont: Use 12-point Times New RomanSpelling: English (Singapore)Word LimitPlease observe the word limit as writing succinctly is an important skill to acquire in academic writing. All text (including in-text citations) is included in the word count except the reference list, tables, figures, and appendices. Note that anything written beyond 10% of the word limit will not be marked.English CompetencyEnglish competency is an assessable component of all TMAs and 5% of the total marks for each TMA have been allocated to this component. It is important that you write clearly and accurately, using correct grammar, punctuation and spelling.ReferencingFollow the APA7 format as described in the “PSY Referencing Guide”. Appropriate in-text citations and an accurately formatted Reference section are expected. FIVE (5) marks have been allocated for this component. More information about formatting in APA7 can be found in the APA website: http://www.apastyle.org/index.aspxReferencing Formatting Requirements (APA7) Start the References on a new page (bold and centred). Present the reference list in alphabetical order by first author surname. Do not number the reference items/entries. Each entry should observe hanging indentation (i.e., if the reference goes on to a second line, the second line onwards must be indented). Provide the doi if available. Books:- Title in italics (apply Sentence Case – only the first letter of the first word is capitalised and the first letter of the first word after a colon is capitalised)- Publisher name (no need to provide place of publication) Journals:- Article title not in italics (apply Sentence Case)- Journal name in italics (apply Title Case – the first letter of most words are capitalised)- Volume number in italics- Issue number within brackets not in italics (provide if available)- Page range not in italics (provide full page range, e.g., 100-123, not 100 or 100-23)Requirements: 1500
Requirements: 1500 words

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I need support with this Writing question so I can learn better.Report (90 marks

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